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The 13th issue of the Newsletter presents in its editorial a first assessment of the European ALARA Network. The first article shows how it is intended by Authorities to incoporate radiological protection features at the design stage of the future NPP planned to be built in Finland. The second article gives an overview of the EC funded IDEA project on the integration of new internal monitoring procedures and techniques into routine monitoring programmes. The third article is devoted to the presentation by the French Radiological Protection and Safety Authority of a proposal for a classification scale of radiological incidents and accidents occurring outside the nuclear sector (ie. not covered by INES). The summary of the SRP Meeting "ALARP: Principles and Practices" held in Oxford last April, follows as the fourth article. The now "traditional" description of an incident is also inside this issue. Finally, this Newsletter includes the first announcement of the 7th EAN Workshop ("Decommissioning and Site Remediation", held in Arnhem, the Netherlands, 29-31 October 2003) and the first announcement of the 8th one ("Occupational Radiological Protection Control through Inspection and Self Assessment", in Uppsala, Sweden, 22-24 September 2004).

  • Regulatory Requirements for the Radiation Safety in the Design of a New Finnish NPP
    K. Alm-Lytz, O. Vilkamo
  • Internal Dosimetry - Enhancements in Application: An Overview of the EC funded IDEA Project
    C. Schmitzer
  • A French Proposal for the Classification Scale of the Radiological Incidents and Accidents
    JL. Lachaume, A. Jouve, P. Croüail, C. Lefaure.
  • Summary of the SRP Scientific Meeting "ALARP: Principles and Practices", Oxford, April 2003
  • Radiological Incident in Macedonia and Italy
    M. Paganini-Fiorati
  • ALARA News
  • 8th EAN Workshop (1st Announcement)
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • Insert: 7th EAN Workshop: Decommissioning and Site Remediation (Last Announcement)