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You can access here the 41th issue of the European ALARA Network Newsletter (pdf, 4,5 Mo). Articles deal with:

  • Occupational Radiation Protection Results in Germany - Results of the RP Register of the BfS, T. Rosentreter, U. Oeh, BfS, Germany
  • ALARA Approach During the Dismantling of Hot-Cell M2 at CSK•CEN Mol.P. Antoine, M. Estas, F. Vermeersch, SCK•CEN, Belgium.
  • Would you like to now more about decommissioning? A teaser for EAN next workshop.
  • A New Database on Activity Concentrations and Radon Emanation/Exhalation Rates of Building Materis in the EU, C. Nuccetelli, ISS, Italy.
  • The 3rd ERPW : a Feedback (and the opportunity to present an overview of CONCERT projects), A. Schmitt-Hannig, BfS, Germany.
  • As usual: ALARA News with notably the announcement of the launch of the African ALARA Network and the IRPA Young Generation Network
  • and an ALARA Quiz.
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