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Every 6 months, at the occasion of the EAN Steering Group meeting, the members of the network provide a small document summarizing the main events dealing with ALARA in their country. The following documents include these information.

ALARA News - June 2015
ALARA News - December 2014
ALARA News - December 2013

ppt.gif PowerPoint presentations in English


  capturetrasnusafeeurocourse1    The System of Radiological Protection & the role of international organisations in the development of the national legal frameworks - Scientific bases, philosophy and regulatory framework of Radiological Protection, P. Croüail, Trasnusafe Eurocourse No.1, Manchester, November 2013
   capture dcran 2013-12-04  13.04.31    Presentation of EAN to ICRP Main Commission session with Special Liaison Organisation, 2nd ICRP Symposium (2013), F. Vermeersch, EAN SG 36
  capture dcran 2013-12-04  13.04.48     Key Points of the 2nd ICRP Symposium, Abu Dhabi (2013), P. Shaw, EAN SG 36
2010-irpa-helsinki.jpgIRPA congress - Helsinki (2010)
2009-ean-generic.jpg2nd EAN-NORM Workshop (2009)
2009-ean-generic.jpg5th RECAN Workshop (2009)
2009-ean-generic.jpgGeneric presentation of EAN (2009)
ppt-ean-2007(fr).jpgGeneric presentation of EAN (in French - 2009)
 Experience with networking to support optimisation in practice, a generic presentation of EAN (in English, January 2021 version (.pdf) (.pptx)
Radiation Protection in Medicine - The ALARA Process, Arturo Pérez Mulas, General Electric Healthcare Radiology Forum, February 2019



2006-ean-poster.jpgEAN Poster (2006)

2009-ean-poster-ge.jpgEAN Poster (in German - 2009)


EAN poster (2009) document EAN Poster (2011)



2009-ean-poster-ge-text.jpgPresentation of EAN - Text associated with poster (in German - 2009)

airp vasto ean.jpgPresentation of EAN - AIRP Seminar (in Italian - 2007)

The European ALARA Network, activities and outputs, F. Vermeersch, P. Croüail, J. Morgan, N. Stritt and S. Andresz, communication to national radiation protection societies, SCK•CEN January 7, 2021