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The 1st issue of the ALARA Newsletter covers the establishment of the European ALARA Network, as well as its main goals and objectives. It also provides an opportunity to remind readers of some of the basics concerning the ALARA management of the radiation risks, to describe the regulatory perspective concerning the implementation of ALARA in Swedish nuclear power plants, and to point out that the non nuclear sector provides some ALARA challenges for the future in Germany and the UK.

  • Managing the radiation risk: ALARA, a Principle, an Obligation, a State of Mind.
    J. Lochard, C. Lefaure
  • Dose distributions in Germany and The United Kingdom
    J. Croft, A. Schmitt-Hannig
  • ALARA in practice: A Regulatory Perspective from Sweden
    T. Godas
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons