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The 16th issue of the Newsletter presents in its first article the summary and recommendations from the 8th EAN Workshop on "Occupational Radiological Protection Control and Self Assessment" (Uppsala, September 2004). Another paper presents a summary of the feedback from the research reactors sub-network after 3 years of experience. The European Committee of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists presents here the main results of concern for radiological protection of an international survey they performed dealing with training of radiographers.An Analysis of a Radiological Incident, which occurred in a textile treatment plant in France, becomes the incident case study n°16.

Finally the first announcement for the 9th EAN Workshop on "Occupational Exposure to natural Radiation"- to be held in Augsburg- Germany, October 2005 " is available with the Application Form.

  • The 8th EAN Workshop on "Occupational Radiological Protection Control through Inspection and Self-assessment": Summary and Recommendations
    P. Shaw, C. Lefaure
  • Directive 2003/122/EURATOM of 22 December 2003 on the Control of high Activity sealed
    radioactive Sources and orphan Sources
    C. Alvarez
  • Feedback from the European ALARA Research Reactors Sub-Network (EASN)
    P. Deboodt
  • An ECRRT Survey on Education of Radiographers within Europe
    N. Kolmannskog & al
  • Analysis of a radiological Incident (Case n° 16).
    J. B. Rioual
  • ALARA News
  • The 18 EAN Contact Persons
  • The 9th EAN Workshop