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The 3rd issue of the Newsletter tries to highlight that ALARA can be successfully pursued in very different types of installations, such as laboratories, reprocessing plants in the nuclear industry, as well as in research centres; and can cover both repetitive operations and one-off projects. This issue also emphasises the potential for significant improvements of radiological protection in the non nuclear sector.

  • ALARA Procedure: Three Years of Practice at the SCKCEN Mol Belgian Research Centre
    P. Deboodt, P. Antoine
  • The Application of ALARP in British Nuclear Fuels
    R. A. Atherton
  • Examples Taken From the Ionising Radiations Incident Database
    J. Croft
  • Study on Reducing Doses in Mobile Industrial Radiography in Germany
    W. Lieberz, A. Schmitt-Hannig
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • Programme, List of Lectures and Application Form for the 1st European Workshop on "ALARA and Decommissioning"