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The 6th issue of the Newsletter provides a report back on the second Workshop organised by the European ALARA Network. The topic of the workshop was 'Good Radiation Practices in Industry and Research'. As well as a summary of the Workshop, this issue includes recommendations to the European Commission. In this issue the Secretary of the International Commission of Radiological Protection also presents the recent work of the Commission.

  • Observations and Recommendations from the 2nd EAN Workshop: "Good Radiation Practices in Industry and Research"
    G. Thomas, J. Croft, C. Lefaure, P. Croüail
  • What's happening within ICRP?
    J. Valentin
  • Two Radiography Incidents in Italy
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • 3rd European ALARA Network Workshop on "Managing Internal Exposures"