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The 7th issue of the Newsletter describes a new software, the VISIPLAN ALARA planning tool. This facilitates the calculation of dose profiles for different work scenario's taking into account worker position, work duration and subsequent geometry and source distribution changes. A new Spanish Safety Guide, concerning the practical implementation of the optimisation of radiation protection, was also presented. It describes the distribution of ALARA responsibilities within the utilities and contractors firms.

  • The use of the VISIPLAN ALARA Planning Tool in ALARA studies at the SCK-CEN Mol
    F. Vermeersch, C. Van Bosstraeten
  • New Safety Guide: Practical Implementation of the Optimisation of Radiation Protection in Spanish Nuclear Power Plant
    J.J. Montesinos, P. O'Donnell, I. Amor, J.L. Butrageño
  • A Radiography Incident in Sweden
  • Exposure Incident at Tricastin NPP
  • ALARA News
  • 3rd European ALARA Network Workshop on "Managing Internal Exposures"
  • EAN Contact Persons