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The 8th issue provides a synthesis of the 3rd EAN Workshop on "Managing Internal Exposure". One main conclusion of this Workshop is that when the exposures are "predictible", the ALARA principle can be applied to controlling the doses but many efforts remain to be done to find or develop adequate dose monitoring techniques (particularly personal air samplers) and strategies appropriate to the optimisation of radiological protection. An important radiological incident in Spain is also presented as well as the radiological aspect of a refurbishment in Belgium.

  • Observations and recommendations from the 3rd EAN Workshop on “Managing internal exposure”
    C. Lefaure, J. Croft, J.-P. Degrange
  • ALARA Practice with the Refurbishment of the Belgian Reactor 2
    G. Meskens, P. Deboodt
  • Radiological Protection in the Radioactive Incident of ACERINOX in Spain
    J. T. Ruiz, J. M. Campayo
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons