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The 9th issue presents a picture of the situation on the implementation of the Basic Safety Standards into the national regulations of European countries. The second paper reminds us the comments made at the IRPA10 Congress (Hiroshima) by IRPA Member Societies on the evolution of the Radiological Protection.

  • Justification, Optimisation and Dose Limits, the Recent Evolution of National Regulations in the European Countries (as of January 2001)
    P. Crouail, P. Shaw, C. Lefaure
  • Evolution of the Radiological Protection: Summary of comments made at IRPA10 Congress by IRPA Member Societies
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • Insert: 5th European ALARA Network Workshop on "Industrial Radiography: Improvements in Radiation Protection" Rome, Italy, 17-19 October 2001