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The 10th issue presents in the first paper the summary and conclusions of the 5th Workshop on “Industrial Radiography: Improvements in Radiation Protection”. The other two papers are dealing with harmonisation at the European level: it points out that there are still efforts to be performed to harmonise education and training of qualified experts and to reach mutual recognition. It also presents an Austrian study on the harmonisation of detection thresholds for practical implementation at boarders.

  • 5th European ALARA Workshop on "Industrial Radiography-Improvements in Radiation Protection": Summary and Recommendations
    C. Lefaure, J. Croft, M. Paganini-Fioratti
  • Minimum Requirements for Qualified Experts on Radiation Protection in Europe
    J. Van der Steen
  • The ITRAP Pilot Study
    C. Schmitzer, P. Beck
  • Incident at a Swedish Research Accelerator
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • Insert: 6th European ALARA Network Workshop on "Occupational Exposure Optimisation in the Medical Field and Radiopharmaceutical Industry", Madrid, Spain, 23-25 October 2002