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The 12th issue of the Newsletter presents the very comprehensive action plan that has been developed since 1993 by the Consejo de Securidad Nuclear (the Spanish regulatory body) to reduce doses from industrial gamma-radiography facilities. An article provided by the IAEA describes a new system for categorising radioactive sources, based on the dangers posed from deterministic risks. A second document on the management of NORMs (see Newsletter 11) presents here the position the Czech regulatory body. Finally, we will have our 7th Workshop in Arnhem (the Netherlands) next October, seven years after the first one devoted to the same topic: decommissioning.

  • Summary and Recommendations from the 6th EAN Workshop: Occupational Exposure Optimisation in the Medical Field and Radiopharmaceutical Industry, Madrid, 23-25 October 2002
    J. Croft, C. Lefaure
  • Findings and Recommendations of the International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection: Protecting Workers Against Exposure to Ionizing Radiation, Geneva, 26-30 August 2002
  • Strategic Plans of Spanish Nuclear Safety Council to Control Industrial Gamma-Radiography Facilities
    L. Urteaga Garcia et al.
  • A new IAEA Categorization of Radioactive Sources
    B. Dodd, T. McKenna, J. Wheatley
  • Management of NORM Radioactive Residues in the Czech Republic and ALARA
    J. Hulka
  • ALARA News
  • EAN Contact Persons
  • Insert: 7th EAN Workshop: Decommissioning and Site Remediation 1st Announcement