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The 15th issue presents the main results of two European studies funded by the Commission after recommendations from the EAN:

  • The EURAIDE project devoted to feedback experience from radiological incidents; and
  • The SMOPIE project devoted to internal exposure optimisation.

It gives also the opportunity to present the first results of the new European studies on occupational exposure (ESOREX) as well as a new project: the European Platform on Training and education in Radiation Protection (EUTERP).


  • Pilot Study for the creation of an European Union Radiation Accident and Incident Data Exchange (EURAIDE)
    C. Lefaure, J. Stewart, R. Czarwinski
  • European Platform on Training and Education in Radiation Protection (EUTERP Platform)
    J. van der Steen
  • Strategies and Methods for Optimisation of Internal Exposures of Workers from Industrial Natural Sources (SMOPIE)
    J. van der Steen
  • European Studies on Occupational Radiation Exposure (ESOREX)
    Ing. Karla Petrova
  • Analysis of a Radiological Incident (case n° 15)
  • ALARA News
  • The 18 EAN Contact Persons